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Social Media Marketing

We believe that the world of today demands a different way of working in social media and we are going to build relationships. With our experience, our mission is to promote participation, build trust and grow brands in social networks with a planned and professional strategy. Not only do we know about social media marketing, we live it every day and we have it in our Professional team that is why we are one step ahead of the behavioral changes in the platforms. We are committed to our clients, to foster relationships with their audience, their influencers and prescribers. The implementation of social media in the general strategy of marketing and communication is already commonplace to achieve the goals of companies of any size, since they are the perfect means to support campaigns and viral any content, redirect web traffic and have a relationship direct with the final public using a multitude of formats in real time via surveys, contests, hashtags, etc.

What we offers

NetDXB Tech Solutions is a full service Social Media Marketing Agency, we work together with our clients and are integrated in their commercial strategy to develop actions in social media dynamically. We develop and execute content, we contribute ideas and campaigns to increase dissemination, the participation of the online community taking advantage of social media to increase brand awareness. We develop and produce interesting micro-content in real time to give maximum value to your channels and generate trust in your followers. We know the tools and processes of management, we know how to analyze the results and focus them in making decisions to evolve your strategy in order to improve each day and optimize your resources. Currently everything related to Social Media is a fundamental piece in the application of any global strategy on the Internet.

Trends of Social Media

Having an ideal social nearness is fundamental to have the capacity to exchange a specific brand picture, improve the situating and Visibility potential in Google, have a proactive nearness in portable devices and also have a direct and reliable contact with the target. Currently, due to the great impact that Social Networks have, it is essential to have a defined strategy that covers all needs and uses all the potential. Go updating the Social Networks in an appropriate manner and oriented to results, requires certain specific knowledge and certain experience that will mark the success of the project. Digital marketing campaigns in social environments such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, are a good tool to enhance the visibility of a company and / or product, especially in mobile environments.