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Mobile Apps for Andriod, iOS, Window – Hybrid and Native Apps

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Hybrid App

The world has many countries with the highest penetration of mobile technology. The Smartphone has gone from being a communication tool to being a technological extension of ourselves. From the mobile or the tablet, we can update the news, we connect to our bank, we share and we think in RRSS, we are in contact with our friends; we look for work or even monitor our health through various mobile apps. Following the pace of society, mobile technology has also become an obligation for business: business mobility. From this point of view, the objectives and utilities of mobile apps are very varied: Loyalty to customers or employees, improve the user experience, Facilitate effective communication, Optimize processes, Gain agility in the critical points of your back office Increase productivity, Increase competitiveness.

Native App

Do you need an experienced application development team?  Development of apps for all types of devices At NetDXB Tech Solutions we know these difficulties well and how they condition the development of an application. That is why in NetDXB we have a team specialized in the development of applications for both Android and iOS , with the ability to create your fully customized and customized app for any variety of devices and platforms. If you are looking to develop an application and need advice or an experienced team, contact us! Native Apps architecture and functional specification throughout this phase a more detailed definition of the final functionality takes place, as well as a distribution of screens and the navigation diagram of the app. In this phase we also select a graphic line appropriate to the objectives of the application, with a view to the subsequent elaboration of the graphic material, analyzing the aspects related to the user experience and the possibilities of adapting the interface to different sizes and screen ratios.


Mobile Apps Design & Development

Starting from a good idea is essential if you want your application to be successful and meet the objectives set. In this phase we elaborate a detailed specification of the project, establishing the objectives to be met in terms of functionality and use. We define which are the platforms for which we are going to develop the application (IOS and Android are the undisputed market leaders) and specific devices (Smartphone, tablet, smart watch. From NetDXB Tech Solutions advise you throughout this process, so that you can develop an innovative app adapted to your needs that meets the objectives set from the beginning.